CMS Internet Solutions was founded in 2000

CMS Internet Solutions was founded in 2000, and is based in Bovina, New York. CMS Internet Solutions provides Internet consulting, custom design, and expert Web development and application services and database services.

CMS looks to work with small- to medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit agencies, and government entities, that seek a true long-term relationship and success by partnering with a technology firm that can deliver measurable results.

When it comes to Client Care and Service, CMS believes Communication is everything.

MS Internet Solutions seeks to gain, and build, long-term relationships with its clients. The way CMS achieves this is to work with a specific number of clients each year. CMS takes the approach of learning the client’s business, the client’s procedures, and the client’s goal for the given project.

CMS then uses this gathered information and, together with the client, formulates the best strategy for achieving the goal. This ensures that CMS is able to analyze the need of each client to provide the appropriate level of services to the client, and to ultimately deliver a finished product that exceeds expectations.

CMS’ founding partners have more than 20 years of real Internet and web development expertise, having more than 35 combined years of experience in software technology, communications, marketing, and financial services industries.

We wanted to form an Internet Company that took a different approach to the business.

The partners felt that in the Internet market’s fervor, many Internet businesses had lost sight of several critical aspects, namely Client Care and Service and a quality product at a very reasonable cost. The partners saw a need, and a demand, to bring the Internet business back to basics.

We support our local business’s and economy here in Delaware County, and we are committed to delivering a very high quality product which would cost many times what we charge because everyone deserves the absolute best website to promote their products and services in this hard economic time.