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  1. Having had numerous complications with our previous web hosting over the years, we recently decided to look at someone new — preferably closer to home, rather than an 800 number! As a result, we were soon introduced to CMS Internet Solutions, or should we simply say Sue and Craig. Sue and Craig personally came to The New Direction and got a firsthand experience at what we are and the work that we do. They clearly saw the vision that we had when we opened our doors thirty-three years ago.

    In a very rapid time frame, a simple, but incredibly attractive, website was born. Fresh crisp ideas with very affordable pricing. Aside from but certainly not limited to the professionalism, knowledge, creativity and new ideas, a new Internet presence was created. What began as a working relationship has certainly grown to a working friendship. To anyone looking for a new website designer, manager, and host you need to look no further.

    With Much Gratitude For Sue/Craig: Matthew and Margaret Batson, Co-Directors, The New Direction.

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