Catskill Recreation Center

Working with Sue and Craig of CMS Internet Solutions was a positive and productive experience. Their budget and completion schedule were right on target, and the Catskill Recreation Center has a new and improved website that meets all our needs, is attractive, and easy to update. We appreciate Sue’s attention to detail and willingness to…

- Catskill Recreation Center

Christmas Vacation in the Catskills | Ski | Snowmobile | Family Time

I will be taking a vacation? The last one I took was on my honeymoon 20 years ago. So I will be offline developing a new IPad 2 app and a new WordPress theme, which will be the basis for my development next year. It will be a very simple, minimal, and responsive design, which means it will work on every device known to man as of today. :)

It will also be an exciting year as we take our idea’s and continue to create great new WordPress themes and keep pushing people to maintain their own content.

We have been really blessed with some really cool projects coming up, which I will divulge when the time is right.

Once our vacation is over, and I have finally fixed the plow truck I am ready to hit some high marks in development this year, and release a new commercial WordPress theme I have been working on, forever… I might actually release it for free, because I have worked on it too long and received some help from my WordPress brothers.

I will also be heading over to the Plattekill Ski center and Catskills resort, probably by ATV the way the snow is going, and take a few runs on a snowboard I found in great condition at the Bovina transfer station. Only a few miles away off the hill and through the woods.