Colchester Chamber of Commerce

We just launched the Colchester Chamber of Commerce!


No vacation area fills today’s need better than rural America… and tucked away in the Western Catskills is a priceless pocket of rural America called Colchester – with its historic hamlet of Downsville.

Colchester Chamber of Commerce
Colchester Chamber of Commerce

Here in the valley of the East Branch is America the way it used to be, beautiful in all seasons. Peaceful valleys and hidden hollows, rugged mountains, waving fields of corn-indeed a place for renewal. Wildlife is abundant, deer graze in meadows; wild turkeys are plentiful; beaver dam our streams, create fish ponds and challenge man with their skill and determination; quail flush from thickets; coyotes bark at dusk and the fox flaunts his plume as he darts across the road.Here nature is at its best in rural America, unspoiled and unpretentious, where people are friendly, life is simple and the warm hand of nature cups us in its embrace.

We are unashamedly rural-with all the charm, values, peace and serenity which frame the rural life. In the lush valleys and wooded mountains of the Western Catskills let nature work its own unique therapy.

All this for your enjoyment!

Headwaters Trails | Stamford New York


headwaters trails ny
headwaters trails ny

Headwaters Trails are located in the North Western Catskills, at the headwaters of the West Branch of the Delaware River. Conveniently located, we have numerous trailheads that are within the historic Village of Stamford and its revitalized Main Street.

There are approximately thirty miles of multi-use trails in the Bald Mountain Recreation Area that are open to the public due to the generous cooperation of several landowners. The trails offer a variety of experiences for all levels of walking, running, hiking, mountain biking, making the trails an all-season attraction. Equestrians, trail runners, cross-country skiers and snowshoers are all welcome!

Combined with the Catskill Scenic Trail, which is nearby and is 26-1/2 miles of hard-packed surface lying on top of the former rail bed of the Delaware & Ulster Railroad, the trails offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Become Bailey’s Buddy and help us maintain the diversity of 26+ miles of trail. Please consider donating your time, cash, expertise by visiting the Bailey’s Buddies page.

Farming in Bovina New York

Bovina is a small New York town located in Delaware County in the Northern Catskills. The first European settlers came in the early 1790s and kept coming at a steady pace into the 19th century. By the time the Town of Bovina was created in 1820 from portions of the towns of Delhi, Middletown and Stamford, its population was over 1200 people. After peaking at 1400 in the 1840s, the town’s population steadily dropped. Today, the population is exactly half of what it was in 1820, though it is higher than its all time low in the 1960’s.

Though Bovina seemingly had been named in 1820 because of its dairying, the name may not have been referring to dairying but to a more generic term akin to ‘pastoral.’ General Erastus Root, who came up with the name, noted the area’s fitness for grazing as the reason his suggestion, with no specific reference to dairying. In fact, it is likely that Bovina’s pastures had many more sheep than cows in 1820. Regardless of Root’s intention, Bovina’s very name is related to its farming heritage.

We are proud to play a small part in keeping farming in Bovina going…